Anastasia Konovalova




I have spent my life discovering - learning how to dance and play piano, learning law and economic theory, learning how to produce films and commercials, learning languages, learning to live in different countries, and learning about people, relationships and the world around us.

And now I am transporting all the things I have learnt into stories. Stories that will make you feel and will tell you something about the world.

Specialised in visual storytelling, my passion lies in blending powerful conceptual ideas with stunning visuals that propel the narrative forward.

Sevdaliza Habibi | music video

Sevdaliza journeys through her past relationships, at times merely observing and at times feeling the turmoil as she relives her memories. It is a story of finding peace in our search for love.

Ray Ban | commercial

A film about finding your path in life and the message you leave behind for the next generation.

Genesis | Extended Reality project

Dedicated to all species, that try to survive another day.

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